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Bella Thorne Intervjuv - 2008

Här är en intervjuv från 2008 när Bella pratar om bla. hennes pappa & så.
Denna videon var dock uppe 2008 men för er som inte sett den, denna videon bliv godkänd av Bella att läggas upp.
Hemskt att se Bella sen när de frågar om hennes pappa och hon ser så stel ut. 

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Bella Pratar Om Att Uppträda Med IM5, Musik bolag & SIU

"[Earlier this month], IM5 and Bella Thorne performed a live, FREE show at Universal CityWalk in Los Angeles. The music was loud and the crowd was huge! It was a night that [Fanlala] will never forget, and the best part? [Fanlala] got to chat with all of the performers before the show!

It’s always a pleasure to chat with Bella. She was super excited to be performing for her crowds of fans, and we loved seeing her up on stage with IM5. So what did the ‘Shake It Up’ star have to say about Friday’s event and her upcoming projects?

Fanlala: This event is wrapping up the summer, tell us about what’s happening at CityWalk!
Bella Thorne: I go to CityWalk all the time with my friends, I love coming here. And I’m always thinking “I wonder if I could perform on stage.” And tonight I get to, this is awesome. It’s my first time on the CityWalk stage. I get to do my song with IM5, and it’s just really sweet. The band themselves are just really sweet.

F: What do you like most about performing with IM5?
BT: I’m always working on my voice, practicing behind-the-scenes on singing. And every time I nail it, they’re just like “YES Bella! Yeah!” They really encourage me big time when I go onstage, and that really helps. This is our second time performing together, and I really like working with them.

F: What was it like going on stage with IM5 after the Teen Choice Awards?
BT: That was super cool, and I had all my friends there. And that’s what really helped during that set. I was glad to have their support, and in the end support is what you really need.

F: Earlier this week, we saw you in studio. Are there any upcoming songs that you can tell your fans about?
BT: I’m really excited. I recorded a Christmas song, I recorded another song, also. I’m also talking to a record company, so I really like that. You guys, there are a lot of things coming.

F: After the huge success of ‘Made In Japan,’ we want to know what’s in store for ‘Shake It Up’ in the future.
BT: This season is pretty awesome, I learned so much about my family, and I’m really close to my family, we’re really close-knit. To be part of a show that’s made for families is really good for me.

This season you guys can expect some huge changes. It’s really gonna shock everyone. And we know our fans are just gonna be like “What?? What?!” but in a really good way. We’re going to have really relatable situations, so there’s a lot to look forward to in the next season.

F: We know you’re actually an ambassador for Disney Channel’s Friends for Change, what have you been working on with them lately?
BT: We’re very much into anti-bullying and the anti-bullying campaign. I enjoying being a part of the cause, and really getting the word out. Standing up against bullying is my expertise, and it’s something that’s very near and dear to me.

There you have it! It was a huge night that was well-rounded off with the performance of Bella Thorne and IM5’s collaboration “Can’t Stay Away.” You read what she had to say, too. More music is on the way, so our ears are wide open!"

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MTV intervjuv med Bella


Bella Thorne knows how to “Shake It Up” and I'm not just talking her Disney show! Cheesy joke, I KNOW. Seriously though, besides her acting and singing career, the teen starlet is also a first-class philanthropist.


The 14-year-old is a spokesperson for the Staples for Students campaign, which encourages students to collect school supplies for impoverished students who need 'em, and a Global Ambassador for Stomp Out Bullying. Plus her own dealings with dyslexia have gotten her super set to help people who might have reading disabilities.

Bella’s all over the place with her good deeds. And did I mention that she talked about her dyslexia in the Emmy-nominated Disney special "The Time I...Found Out I Had Dyslexia"? In order to keep up with all the great stuff she’s got going on, we caught up with her.


ACT: Orlando Bloom, Albert Einstein, and Tom Cruise are just a few among the world's creative dyslexic minds. And you're SO up there, girl! How have you worked around your dyslexia to pursue your dreams?

BELLA: I practice reading all the time. I read everything and having so many scripts to read which really helps out as well. I have a great on set teacher and we work really hard on my reading skills. I've gotten more confident in my reading, which helps on a daily basis. I just kept the thought "Never, ever give up" in my mind and I didn't let my fear of reading publicly stop me!

ACT: What do you think young people living with dyslexia should know?

BELLA: I think they should know that although reading can be tough and some dreams seem impossible to pursue, don't give up...it's tougher, but not impossible. Once you feel your dreams coming true, you will realize that having dyslexia just made the ride even more rewarding.

ACT: As ambassador for "Stomp Out Bullying," I'm sure you've met a ton of bullying victims and can speak from experience. What words of encouragement do you offer them?

BELLA: Yes, I have suffered from bullying in many ways, from bullying in school due to my disability in reading, to digital abuse that I deal with on a daily basis. I'd like to tell the kids that are being bullied that no one should have to deal with the abuse, EVER! Unfortunately, we live in a world where some people can be so cruel. I like to keep in my mind that the people bullying you don't have a problem with you...they have a problem with themselves. Don't let anyone's opinion of you define YOU. You are who you want to be. If it gets too difficult, speak to a parent or authority. You don't have to suffer.

ACT: How did you get involved with the Staples for Students campaign? Why is this cause important to you?

BELLA: Well, I got involved through Do Something and I have been working with them on a smaller scale and thought this would be something grander that could reach far more people. It was an exciting opportunity to "do something" that could help millions of kids that are going back to school without the proper supplies. Also, when my father passed, things were difficult financially for my family and I know how that stress can affect someone with their daily life and studies.

ACT: How do you have time to give back and act?!?! Do you sleep?

BELLA: I find ways that I can give back and work in to my schedule. I hope to become even more involved when the show goes on season 3 hiatus. I am so blessed; how can I not help others? It would be a sin not to.

ACT: Back To School is almost here. Any tips on getting back into the groove of things?

BELLA: Start going to bed earlier! It is a tough adjustment when you have had a summer of staying up late and waking up late. I think having your supplies packed up and ready to go the night before you start school is a great help, too!


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Bella Thorne Intervjuv - 2012 DoSomething.org Teen Choice Awards After Party

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Shake It Up Talents - Intervjuv Med Bella & Z i Paris


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Videos från The Grove

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Ny bild från intervjuvem med Radio Disney

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On Air With Ryan Seacrest

Denna intervjuv är värd att lyssna på.
Bella & Zendaya var på "On Air With Ryan Seacreat" och gjorde en intervjuv. Dom pratar bland annat om Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth, Dancing With The Stars och om Shake It Up.
On “Dancing with the Stars”:
“Shake it Up” co-star Roshon Fegan appeared on season 14 of “DWTS” So, have Bella or Zendaya been asked to show off their moves on the dance competition show? “Not yet, actually. But I was really proud of Roshon, he did really great. He’s like my big brother, so I was proud,” Zendaya gushes.
On Working Together:

“When we walked into the audition I didn’t really know her [Bella], I didn’t really talk to her in the audition. Then when we walked in and did our work together it was incredible. It was like that instant chemistry,” Zendaya tells us.

On The Popularity of “Shake it Up”:
“Like Zendaya always says, this is her signature thing to say, ‘Dance is a universal language.’ It just requires friendship, and every girl has a best friend,” Bella says. “Our characters Rocky and Cece they’re not perfect…they’re not like, ‘Oh yay, let’s go do this!’ My character is the one that always gets them into trouble and she always has to get us out. So, we have some rough edges here and there, but we work it out.”

What’s Next For Bella & Zendaya?
“We’re about to start up the new season of ‘Shake It Up,’ which is very exciting,” Zendaya tells us. “I can’t believe we are already on season 3, that just weirds me out. I feel like it’s season 1. Lots of music and we’re working on doing a tour.”

Förstår du inte? Använd translate i menyn.


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Bella & Z pratar om Miley & Liam's förlovelse

När Bella och Zendaya var på On Air With Ryan Seacrest så pratade de bland annat om Shake It Up, varför dom inte varit med i Dancing With The Stars men de prata också om Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth's förlovelse.
Dom fick denna fråga;
Is Miley Cyrus Too Young To Get Married?
“To be honest, I wouldn’t judge, because it’s her choice,” säger Zendaya. “If she really loves him, then why not? So what you’re a little bit younger. They’re really cute. They’ve been together for a while…they met when she was like 16. If she really has feelings for him that are that strong, then why not?” la Bella till, “They look super cute together, they look adorable.”

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Intervju med Bella & Z

En video där Bella och Zendaya blir intervjuade!

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Julia [ Tidningen's ] Intervju Med Bella & Z


Hur står det till med rivaliteten emellan er?

Bella: Vi har absolut ingen av det. Inte det minsta och det är jag jätteglad över. Jag hade inte klarat av det, jag är ingen tävlingsmänniska. Eller jo, lite men absolut inte på något dåligt sätt.

Zendaya: Bella är som min lillasyster, det är min uppgift att skydda henne och vara hennes storasyster, jag ser i alla fall till så att ingen bråkar med henne!  För oss handlar det mer om teamwork. Folk vi gärna få det till att vi tävlar mot varandra, men sådant snack lyssnar vi inte på.

Tycker ni det är skönt att slopa allt smink och höga klackar ibland?

Zendaya: Ja, verkligen! Fast när jag inte spelar in så brukar jag inte sminka mig ändå, jag tycker att det är viktigt att låta huden vila ibland. Men jag älskar smink, det är svårt att låta bli. Killar hade det verkligen så mycket enklare än vad vi tjejer har det, det är orättvist.

Kan ni gå ut tillsammans utan att bli totalt överhopade av fans?

Bella: Nej, absolut inte. Vi får mycket uppmärksamhet om vi visar oss ute.

Hur hanterar ni det?

Bella: Alltså, jag hade inte suttit här idag om det inte vore för mina fans. Jag visste vad jag gav mig in på och jag älskar mina fans. De stöttar mig i allt, de har gjort mig starkare. De tror på mig och de peppar mig till att göra saker som jag kanske egentligen är för blyg för att göra. De pushar mig och de betyder allt för mig.

Har ni någonsin gått igenom en period i livet då ni känt er ensamma och utanför?

Bella: Jag blev väldigt retad för mina inlärningssvårigheter, det var en tuff tid. Jag hade inga vänner och ingen som stöttade mig i skolan, det gjorde ont. Men jag har bra kompisar nu, jag brukade ha en mycket större vänskapskrets, men man inser ganska fort varför vissa människor vill vara ens kompis. Jag vill att folk ska vara vän med mig för att de gillar mig för den jag är. Därför att jag jätteglad att jag har Zendaya!

Zendaya: Ja, såklart! För mig var det när jag flyttade från Oakland till Los Angeles, jag kände ingen och saknade mina vänner hemifrån. Turligt nog har jag alla mina jobbarkompisar från ”Shake it up” nu, de blev verkligen min som min familj.

Stöter ni ofta på avundsjuka från era andra kompisar?

Bella: Ja, det var mer förut, men alltså jag fattar inte riktigt varför. Kom igen, jag är Bella, jag är med i ”Shake it up”, men jag är ju fortfarande samma! Men de kompisarna jag har nu, de kunde inte bry sig mindre faktiskt.


PS: I det nyaste nummret av Julia som Bella & Zendaya är på framsidan av, kan du vinna deras autograf!

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Intervjuv med Bella

Shake It Up Star Bella Thorne about being Cuban:
"Alot People Think I'm Lying" (EXCLUSIVE)

Here, the "Next Selena Gomez" talks exclusively to The Huffington Post about her Latin roots, speaking Spanish and why people don't believe her when she tells them she's Cuban. Bella also gives us scoop on upcoming episodes of "Shake It Up," and tells us how she balances the demands of her busy career and still finds time to be a normal teenager.

Tell us about your Latin roots!
I'm Cuban and Italian and a little bit Irish!

Awesome! Are people surprised when they find out you're Latina?
Yeah, people are! Everybody thinks I'm just Irish, it's ridiculous! I'm like, 'No, I'm Cuban, and Italian and a little bit Irish' and a lot of people think I'm lying! They're like, 'stop lying, Bella.' My dad was the ONLY one born in the U.S., out of six kids, all Cuban {Laughs}.

Last June, you told Latina Magazine that you were thinking of having aquinceanera this year in honor of your father. Is that something you're still thinking of doing?
You know, I really wanted to do a quinceanera, but the problem is that we were traveling to Europe and to all of these places in Dubai and we never had the time to plan it. You really have to plan that like a year in advance, so we were going to start, but then we had to leave everywhere, so we didn't have time to do it.

Are you still learning Spanish?
I definitely want to and I'm taking it this year, so I'll be learning it!

Let's talk about your hit Disney show, "Shake It Up!" We hear you have a big three-part episode coming up in August. Can you tell us about it?
It's called "Made In Japan" and it's nothing like Disney has ever done before. It's 90 minutes, so it's kind of like a mini-movie! And basically, it's about our characters winning this dance competition and they're able to go to Japan to make a video game of us dancing. On the way there, we get some bumpy stops because Rocky (Zendaya) and I want two different things, and we end up butting heads a lot in the episodes. There's lots and lots of singing and performing, which is really different for "Shake It Up,' because we don't usually sing on the show. These were really cool episodes that Zendaya and I got to do.

The episodes weren't actually shot in Japan though, right? They were shot in the U.S.
Yeah, it was shot in a studio.

You also have a really cool episode of 'Shake It Up" airing in July, right?
Yeah, it's the 50s episode! Our characters...this woman comes and dances on our show and does a 50s dance, and she tells us her story and what she did, and then in flashbacks it shows you what it was like with us. And so my character has a New York accent, and it's really funny, and the dances are crazy.

"Shake It Up" recently got picked up for a third season. Congratulations!
I'm super excited, because we got our third season pick-up! And, as you know, I was so happy and we're so humbled by our fans and the fact that they're still laughing with us and loving us. We're just having fun. And when we got the pick up it showed that the fans are still watching!

Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, and many other former Disney stars have gone on to record music. Is that something you're thinking of doing?
Yeah! I'm going to and I'm starting to. I've done a few songs so far and I'm going to start performing them and it's going to be amazing. I love performing and the fact that I get to see my fans and travel and tour wherever I go, it's really cool.

You're 14 years old now and we know you've been acting for a long time. Is it difficult to juggle your work and still have time to be a teenager and have fun?
When I get home, my mom keeps me with my friends so that I'm not always worrying about what my lines are - you know that can drive you crazy! Every time I get home, I do lots of homework and when I'm done with that, I get on video chat with my friends. And you know, I like to think of myself as pretty normal. I like to go to baseball games and hang out and go to the movies...

What are your summer plans?
We start the show, so definitely lots of the show and lots of singing and performing. And I'll be going to the beach with my friends, of course!

Texten är på engelska, förstår du inte? Använd translate i menyn.

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Bella svarar på "This Or That" frågor

Igår hade Bella en "This or that" frågestund på hennes twitter, men alla som frågade saker fick ju inte svar. Här är några av svaren.
Håller med Bella om dom två första (Selena & Phineas) men på den andra blire LA eftersom jag varit i Miami så många gånger och på den fjärde skulle jag ta Justin eftersom jag inte gillar One Direction.

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7 snabba info om Bella som du inte visste

Bella's första consert var Selena Gomez
Bella älskar Justin Bieber's nya album Belive
Om Bella inte var känd så skulle hon just nu ha sommarlov och vara med hennes vänner
Bella's favorit i bandet One Direction är Harry Styles
Bella älskar tv-programet 90210
Bella älskar skräk-filmer
Bella älskar england och regn

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exklusiv interview med Bella

"My Dad Is My Guardian Angel!"

Just after her trip to Miami, JJJ caught up with Bella at a local eatery to chat about the upcoming Father’s Day holiday.

“I actually went to Miami to speak to kids about becoming actors and ended up staying an extra day because it’s getting so close to Father’s Day…and to be down there where I lived with him, I just felt close to him,” she told us.

Bella continued, “I went out with my family and to be there and to remember how it was, it was good to feel close to him.”

(Click inside for more of our Father’s Day interview with Bella…)

JJJ: What places did you visit?
: There’s this one place called the Egyptian Theater and it was my favorite place to go to see movies when I was younger. There were all these huge Egyptian statues and things… now, I love learning about that. That was a special place for my family. We also went to the Emerald Coast, which unfortunately, closed down. I always used to go there with my dad and it was a Chinese Buffet. I was so sad they closed down because I had so many memories there.

JJJ: Losing a parent is such a huge thing for anyone of any age. How did you react?
: When I first found out that my dad passed away, I didn’t know what to think. It was more like ‘Are you joking?’ The next week, he was actually leaving to come and move in with us in Los Angeles. We were all excited because it was all this back and forth business before and one day, there was the call. Then the police showed up at our door to tell us that it was true… for me, I didn’t cry. It was strange. I didn’t really believe it, but a few days after, the tears came. I freaked out and started screaming and crying. It just hit that he’s not going to be there and he’s not going to call anymore.

For anyone going through any kind of loss that big… there’s this saying that goes ‘Don’t hate God for the people he takes away from you, but love Him for the people He gave you.’ You have to love your surroundings. My mom is here and she’s always supported me. I get teary and just thank God every day that she is here.

JJJ: We also saw that you brought your boyfriend Tristan to Miami with you.
: Yes. No one has really got to meet my family before. I made a big decision to bring Tristan (15) with me. He was there on the anniversary of my Dad’s death and he was just there, like a best friend and has been really supportive. He was always about ‘You don’t have to talk about, but I am here’. He was there for me and I took him and got to see where I lived and my life before Hollywood happened.

JJJ: Do you and your family do anything special on Father’s Day?
: My mom, brother and sister usually get a balloon that says ‘I Miss You’ or ‘Happy Father’s Day’ and we write messages on it. We’ll write little notes that we would like to tell my Dad and read them out loud in a circle. We let the balloon go and have a good dinner. We don’t like to make that much of a thing out of it, but it’s all about family time.



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Bella & Z interviewas av OK magazine.

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Ny "interview" med Bella och Zendaya.

Interview av : Direct Star den 23 Maj 2012.

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Bella berättar om vänskap

"Hey guys! Today I wanted to tak to you about what makes a BFF.
For me, it’s honesty. I know Zendaya will always tell it like it is, and that’s why we get along so well.
There are lots of other qualities I look for of course, but that is No. 1."


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Bella och Zendaya gör sig redo....

Zendaya och Bella gör sig redo för att göra intervjuer i sitt rum i Paris 24 Maj!

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Bella & Z i en interview med Purefans news

Purefans News: Could you tell me about your audition for Shake it Up?
Zendaya: For me it was a hearing among many others. I immediately fell completely in love with the concept and script. When I came, I met the producers and then I did auditions with several girls. It was a long process before being certain of having the role. Then, with Bella, we shot the pilot and then we waited quite a while to see if the series was chosen to be aired or not. It was quite stressful waiting to see if the show would be seen by viewers.

How are your characters in Season 2 of Shake It Up?
Zendaya: In season 1, Rockie was not very confident, especially with regard to the fact that she is very intelligent. It's a little weird but ... She did not feel good about yourself and I think in season 2, she takes insurance. Now she takes over the lead and try to stay straight.
Bella: CeCe changes a lot. In season one, she was very scared of getting fired from Shake It Up Chicago because of his notes and she would tell anyone that she had been selected. What's great is that it is no longer afraid to talk and show people his personality. We also discover in season 2 that it may not be intelligent in her studies but it shows his intelligence in other ways. This is very important for other children.

What was the most exciting moment in season 2 of Shake It Up?
Zendaya: Certainly we had to learn a season 2! Nothing is ever guaranteed on television. We, we wanted the series continues as it fascinates us but nothing was certain. Just to know that we came back, it was great.
Bella: There was also the time when new episodes were ordered. We started with a number of episodes and the series works well, the new episodes are ordered. If this is not the case, is that it is very bad start. When we heard the news, we were reading a script and we really started jumping in all directions, it was great!

This is how a day of shooting on Shake It Up?
Zendaya: It works rather week. It begins on Wednesday at around 7am by a few courses for school and then we read the script. Thursday is school, dance rehearsals and dialogues. Ditto for Friday and you turn on Monday and Tuesday.

And your days off? You see outside?
Zendaya: We sleep or ... you sleep!
Bella: Well, our days off are never really days off. It often works even on those days.
Zendaya: But when you really a rest day, we often no time to talk, sleep! (Laughs)

You are very good dancers, you sing and you play as comedy. What is your favorite activity?
Bella: It's very difficult to choose because everything is very different. I started in comedy and I had never sung or danced before the series so I would choose rather to comedy! This is really what I love most in the world.
Zendaya: I really have no preference. I love everything related to art and what is essential in my life. I could not stop singing, dancing or acting.

You are very good friends. There is really no competition between you?
Bella: People like to say that there is competition between us but not at all! We do not even listen to what people say and they can say anything they want, we know very well that nothing is true. We're like sisters both, it is really the best of friends.There is no competition between us.

Which former Disney star do you prefer Hilary Duff, Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus and Lindsey Lohan?
Bella: I love it because Miley Cyrus has always kept his feet on earth. In addition, I know her and I also know her little sister. His whole family supports her a lot and I love the fact that it has remained very close to his fans.
Zendaya: I love Selena Gomez but I also really like Hilary Duff. I grew up watching Lizzie McGuire. It was my favorite show when I was younger and I really saw all the episodes. It has always been a true role model for young and more, she has a family now and it's just too cute.

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