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Dani Brubaker Photoshoot

Bella har gjort en ny Photoshoot och några av bilderna har kommit ut!
Detta är nog min favorit-photoshoot! Älskar den!

2012-10-17 / 10:16:40
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2 nya photshoot bilder


2012-09-20 / 21:13:13
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Ny bild från gammal photoshoot

2012-09-20 / 21:12:26
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Ny Bild Från Photoshoot [ år 2004 ]

2012-09-20 / 21:12:17
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Ny Bild Från Photoshoot

2012-09-06 / 16:29:00
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Nya photoshoot bilder!

Ny photoshoot, nya bilder på Bella!

2012-08-30 / 09:30:00
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Photoshoot med Danimals #2


2012-08-23 / 19:37:45
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Ny photoshoot bild!

Här kommer en ny bild från Bella's photoshoot!

2012-08-22 / 22:53:07
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Ny bild från en äldre photshoot (siu)


2012-08-15 / 10:48:35
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Nya Bilder På Bella & Z Från Photoshooten Av Tiger Beat & BOP

2012-08-14 / 14:02:19
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Nya foton från photoshooten ...

Nya foton från photoshooten Bellas mamma fotade
Tamara Thorne.
+ Interview med Bella.

What have you been up to recently? Shake It Up: Made in Japan comes out on Aug. 17.
“The Shake It Up music video for ‘Fashion Is My Kryptonite’ just came out. It’s all about crazy, high-end fashion. I’m excited for fans to see less Disney fashion and more high fashion. If you’re not a fan of Shake It Up, our Made in Japan special has a whole new storyline. I’m also working on my music career, and I’m starting to perform now.”

Is fashion an interest of yours?
“Oh yeah! I would say my style is a pretty clean and simple, but I do like pops of color. I love the Miu Miu collection. I got these Miu Miu sneakers with glitter and studs on top! I love the huge, puffy sleeves and collars. I like Alice & Olivia, too. I picked out all the outfits in the music video.”

You starting acting as a child—you even played a young Taylor Townsend on The O.C.! What was behind your decision to pursue this career?
“I started acting when I was nine. I had dyslexia, so I was really afraid to start for all the bullying reasons. Then, my brother booked a pilot. He had to go in front of a live audience, and he was just so funny. He gave me the idea to prove everyone wrong. I thought, if my brother can do it, and he has no idea about comedy, then I could do it!”

You’ve been outspoken about overcoming dyslexia. How does it feel to speak publicly about such a personal issue?
“It’s really nice because I get to meet fans every day who say, ‘I’m dyslexic and you really inspired me.’ I wish I had someone to look up to when I was in school because for me, it was really, really hard. Fans contact me on Twitter because they made my character on Shake It Up dyslexic, and they often don’t realize that I’m actually dyslexic too! It’s nice to see that kids can believe it’s not something bad; it’s just a disability and it makes you work harder in life. I have to work harder at acting and dancing and when I try to play the piano because I mix up the numbers and the chords.”

Can you tell us about your philanthropic work for DoSomething.org?
“I love Do Something! I’m their global ambassador for anti-bullying. I was bullied in school and I know firsthand what it’s like to get bullied on the Internet. I’ve encouraged kids to make anti-bullying programs in their schools. People don’t realize that when you bully someone, you’re also bullying their families. In my case, it didn’t just affect me—it affected my mom and my brothers, too. Now, I’m afraid to talk in big crowds. When I have to present at award shows, I’m so scared. I start to get really sweaty and think that people are going to laugh at me if I mess up. Bullying can haunt a person for a really long time.”

What’s the style of music on your upcoming album?
“My music is a lot like me. I’m a little bit weird and playful, so I think my music needs to tell my fans that I’m like that because I’m not with them every day to show them. It’s like Gwen Stefani mixed with Ashlee Simpson.”

What music are you currently listening to?
“I listen to a lot of hip-hop because I’m a dancer. I really like the song ‘Drank in My Cup’ by Kirko Bangz—and the title has nothing to do with the meaning of the song! I also like Frank Ocean. His music is so soothing”.

What can we expect from the next season of Shake It Up?
“The new season is really cool—it’s more like a 90210 drama than a Disney drama. There’s going to be a huge change in my character’s family that’s going to shock the entire audience. It involves my mom, and it’s dramatic.”


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Ny bild från en äldre photshoot

Kommer ni ihåg denna photshooten?
Den är fotat i Maj och nu har det kommit ut en ny bild.

2012-08-01 / 23:08:45
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Nya Bild Ute Från Photoshooten Av Hennes Mamma

2012-07-21 / 10:49:40
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Nya Bilder Från SIU Säsong 2's Photoshoot

2012-07-20 / 16:14:19
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Siren Studios [ 2010 ]

2012-07-18 / 19:02:33
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Ny Bild Ute Från SIU Säsong 2 Photoshoot


2012-07-02 / 22:41:03
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Ny photoshoot

Nya bilder på Bella från fotograferingen för Rena Durham.

2012-05-15 / 20:32:23
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Nya stillbilder från inspelningen av TTYLXOX

2012-05-15 / 20:28:20
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Ny bilder fån photshooot

2012-05-15 / 16:00:31
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Bellas nya photshoot

Jag har just fått reda på att Bella ska göra en ny photoshoot med OK magazine.
Hon kommer säkert att se underbar ut som alltid på sin photoshoot.

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